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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Jun 5, 2018

Tricia Brouk is a multi-facetted expert who translates her experience in film and theater to the public speaking landscape. As the executive producer of TEDxLincolnSquare, she helps speakers excavate their stories for inspirational gems and polish them into impactful and powerful talks.


In this episode, Tricia speaks on what it takes to deliver a memorable Big Talk, her path to becoming a successful TEDx organizer, and how she gets to the heart and soul of ideas worth spreading.


Episode Topics

  • How Tricia’s personal training business survives in a saturated market
  • Ways to completely support who you are as an artist or creative
  • A behind-the-scenes look at organizing a TEDx talk
  • Tricia’s clever technique that leverages exhaustion to extract The Big Idea
  • The art of public speaking and getting speakers to open up
  • Open doors and opportunities for TEDx speakers
  • What separates a TEDx talk from a typical keynote
  • Tricia’s process for helping speakers deliver authentic messages
  • The difference between producing and directing
  • Experts curse and canned answers
  • What makes a successful director and leadership’s role
  • Creating a unique process that attracts attention and clients
  • How Tricia gets clients through her podcast
  • Active listening to hear the message behind the message



[3:45] Starting line: Tricia came to NYC without a safety net and didn’t want to be a starving artist. She started her own personal training company which enabled her to make money while she pursued the performing arts.


[5:37] Started The Big Talk by accident when a friend asked her to direct her TEDxSyracuse.


[7:25] First TEDx event: Applied for TEDx Lincoln Square and put on her first event 2 years ago followed by her second event in March 2018.


[10:09] Recipe for success: Whether she's working with clients or speakers, she shows up fully.


[11:05] Standing out: Because NYC’s personal training market is so saturated, Tricia brought on a personal chef service as added value to Brouk Moves clients.


[13:09] "I had to figure out how I was gonna [pursue performing arts] without having the constraints of somebody telling me when I had to be in an office."


[13:54] Transitioning passions: Tricia ended her dancing career with an hour-long solo performance in 2007. She wanted to write, direct, and choreograph.


[18:45] Opening doors: In 2005, A friend of Tricia was teaching John Turturro Pilates. Later, he asked her to choreograph his movie starring Christopher Walken and Susan Sarandon.


[20:55] "If you want to be a prolific artist, working at a restaurant is absolutely acceptable but it's a time suck."


[22:27] What goes into directing a TEDx talk and Tricia’s process when working with speakers and actors. Create a safe space - so they can become vulnerable and deliver an authentic message.


[24:40] Tricia's first TEDx speaker was Petra Kolber and her talk was "The Perfection Detox."


[26:21] TEDx opportunities: Giving a TEDx talk earns you immediate credibility and opens doors to future speaking gigs.


[27:54] TEDxLincolnSquare's origin story: Tricia went back to directing her own shows and didn't think she'd continue working with speakers.


[28:59] Starting a podcast: To help her build an online presence, she hired a visibility strategist who connected her with John Lee Dumas. He encouraged her to start a podcast and The Big Talk was born.


[30:06] Becoming an expert: On the podcast, Tricia interviewed 15 TEDx organizers about what it means to be an organizer. She attracted speakers who were interested in giving a TEDx talk.

[31:30] "So that's how I became a TEDx organizer...I needed a place to put my speakers."

[33:05] Leveraging exhaustion: She’s able to extract the big idea from her clients after a rigorous 2-hour active listening session.


[36:43] Leadership is everything: "If I can't hear what you're saying as a director, I will not be able to direct you in a way where that scene is completely truthful."

[37:49] "What I've noticed over the course of the past 8 years of working with entrepreneurs and experts is people don't realize what their own superpower is. They think it's one thing but it's really something different."


[39:04] Bringing talks to life: The Blueprint session involves 3 x 5 notecards and gives the speaker clarity on their true message.


[41:42] What’s next for Tricia: Creating a masterclass series called The Fearless Speaker coming fall 2018, season 9 of The Big Talk, and opening applications for TEDxLincolnSquare in September 2018.



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Perfection Detox - Petra Kolber



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