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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Mar 3, 2018

Ever wonder if you could transform your experience into income while making a positive impact on the world? Experts Unleashed proves it’s not only possible— it’s certifiably profitable. Join host Joel Erway as he picks the brains of professionals and entrepreneurs who’ve successfully built 6 and 7-figure businesses using their arsenal of knowledge, experience, and talent.


We could think of no better inaugural guest than the lovely Selena Soo who went from “is my skillset monetizable?” to a rapidly thriving 7-figure business as a PR and publicity expert. She’s making millions by making connections and turning hidden gems into household names. Listen in as Selena shares how to scale self-doubt and uncertainty into $10K months doing what you love.


Get ready to be inspired by entrepreneurial success stories that are sure to unleash the expert in you.

Episode Topics:

  • Finding inspiration in a quarter life crisis
  • Turning expertise into leveraged income
  • The inability to see your own potential
  • Productive name dropping with class
  • Lessons in creating and seizing opportunity (like seeing Ramit Sethi on the street)
  • How to invite Pat Flynn to dinner
  • The power of endorsements
  • The perfect ‘Expert’ business model
  • Scaling workshops from $4200 to $10K a month
  • Elements of a Profitable Online Program
  • How to appeal to different learning styles with your online program



[2:14] Starting Line: Selena’s journey rippled from a quarter-life crisis and a serious personal development quest.


[6:25] Realizing potential: A chance encounter with Ramit Sethi on the streets of New York was the catalyst to discovering her entrepreneurial potential.


[10:42] Making connections: Ramit connected Selena to Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte, all current ambassadors and endorsers of Selena.


[11:32] Innate talent: Her natural talent was making things happen and being a connector.


[13:08] Taking chances: Selena reached out to Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and invited him to a private dinner party (strategic and tactful name-dropping included).


[14:45] Seizing opportunity: "One of the biggest ways to seize that opportunity is, number one, figure out how are you gonna do it that most people aren't willing to do."


[15:48] Key takeaway: Don’t wait for opportunities. Create opportunities.


[16:13] How to stand out: "The only way to stand out is really to go above and beyond and do the kinds of things that nobody else will do."


[16:33] First Clients: Selena landed her first client through a Facebook group. Two months later, her first one-on-one PR client at $4K/month.


[18:50] Serious Sales Success: Promoted her first 2-day work shop to her list of 150 and on Facebook (no ads). Had 7 attendees at $600 each.


[19:46] Scaling to a $10K month: Turned her 2-day workshop into a 2-month program, added two 1-hour calls and doubled the price to $1200.


[22:11] The perfect ‘Expert Model’: Joel explains why Selena’s business model worked and why he teaches his clients the same strategy.


[24:05] Elements of a Profitable Online Program: Impacting Millions was Selena's 3rd online group program. Why it was so successful and what she did to make it stand out.


[26:18] Experts Corner: Selena’s Program Optimization Takeaways


Appeal to different learning styles by…

  • Offering live training via webinar and placing the best content toward the beginning
  • Curate main concepts and create mini posts in the Facebook group to engage with people who don’t open the programs but network in the group
  • Send emails with the same curated content


[27:02] Impacting Millions is for: Experts who are good at what they do and they feel like they're a best-kept secret. Those who are overlooked by people who need their help because no one knows who they are.


[28:57] Getting ahead: Being connected with the right people will get you further faster than anything in the world.


[29:41] Publicity is an elevated form of content marketing.


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