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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Jan 22, 2019

"You don't want a purpose that's achievable, you want a purpose that is a driver." 

Ajit is the co-founder of Mindvalley Teach.  His passion for human performance comes from humble beginnings; Ajit was raised in India in a household of 23 people.  Ajit became bitter about the idea of scarcity and now has a passion for ensuring that fellow entrepreneurs never feel that way as they navigate the complexities of starting and growing a small business.


Some Topics We Talked About In This Episode:

  • How Ajit came to develop his new book, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Passion, Practicality and Purpose: LIVE BIG;
  • Rediscovery and mind set shifts;
  • "Do you have to work harder -- or do you want to work harder; do you get to work harder?"
  • Find the right reasons to work hard;
  • The concept of "Passion, Practicality and Purpose";
  • Purpose is an allusive goal; a horizon... provides momentum;
  • Ajit's tips to help find purpose;
  • Ajit's journey and major big pivot points;


How to Get Involved:

Grab Ajit's new book -> The Entrepreneur's Guide to Passion, Practicality and Purpose: Live Big

Connect with Ajit's:


If you'd like to learn more about how Joel helps fellow Experts with messaging and offer creation, send us an email at  We are preparing for a LIVE event happening in March 2019 (Florida) - if you are interested in working directly with Joel and meeting other experts like yourself, let us know - you can email Joel or Maryjo at


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