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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Sep 20, 2018

Your network is literally the most valuable asset that you can ever build. No matter what happens in your life, you could rely on that network to help you out with where you are. Jordan Harbinger, “The Larry King of podcasting,” calls it the social capital. Jordan is a Wall Street lawyer turned talk show host, social dynamics expert, and entrepreneur. After hosting a top 50 iTunes podcast for over a decade that enjoyed nearly four million downloads a month at its zenith, Jordan has embarked on a new adventure: The Jordan Harbinger Show. When he left his old company and started the Jordan Harbinger Show and Advanced Human Dynamics, he had to essentially start from scratch with only his talent, his hard work ethic, and his network, which is by far his most valuable leverage. Jordan shares his journey from being an intern at the embassy in Panama to doing a podcast and multiple shows on big networks, and finally starting his very own show, stressing the importance of digging up the well before you’re even thirsty, which means preparing and creating relationships before you ever need them.