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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Jun 12, 2018

If you’re not evolving personally or professionally, you know it. Symptoms include: boredom, depression — just overall dread. For Dr. Stacy Berman, it felt like it was ‘killing her soul.’ Stagnancy is the bane of entrepreneurial dreams.


In this episode, we spotlight Stacy Berman, doctor of natural medicine and founder of the luxury supplement line, System by Stacy. She gets real about what it’s like to uproot from a successful 16-year business and launch her dreams into shadows of the unknown.

If you're considering starting something new or different, hit play to learn why you should follow that urge to grow. Always.


Episode Topics

  • How Stacy organically grew her community without advertising and ways she leveraged those connections
  • The psychological experience that alleviated her chronic back pain
  • Challenges of building and scaling a supplement company
  • How she could tell she was on the right path with her company and when it was time to move on
  • Why ideas are worth exploring (even if they bomb in the long run)
  • Fighting weight gain in your 30’s
  • Leveraging education to sell products and services
  • How Stacy unknowingly performed market research and developed a viable product
  • The shell-shock of pivoting into something new
  • Links between negative self-perception and not living your purpose
  • What you’ll learn at Quantum University
  • Stacy could’ve very well invented CrossFit
  • What working with women for nearly 30 years has taught her about self-perception and how it inspired her new book
  • Driving sales with touchpoints and brand differentiation
  • Resist the urge to hire your relative



[4:10] Stacy got her Ph.D. in 2017 but believes she's been on this path her whole life.


[4:44] Starting line: She worked as a master trainer for gyms throughout NYC while earning her bachelors in psychology and health education.


[6:14] Bodyweight movement and functional exercises are Stacey's specialty, influenced by her background in martial arts.


[7:02] "I think that I like to get people to that point of realizing they can do a lot more than they think they extends beyond just the physical."

[9:20] Seeing opportunity: After observing two major groups of gym-goers, she knew there was a better way to approach fitness.


[10:14] Genesis of Stacy's Bootcamp: In 1999, she trained a few one-on-one clients in various parks and distributed business cards to curious onlookers. Stacy’s Bootcamp was born.


[12:05] Building relationships: Stacy's Bootcamp evolved from a business into a network and community.


[13:15] Major shift: Because it was new and one of the first boutique fitness classes in the country, Stacy got a lot of press coverage.


[14:08] Organic growth: Her class grew with zero advertising. Just referral, word of mouth, and media coverage.


[14:59] At a standstill: After 15 years, Stacy felt stagnant as an entrepreneur and a professional. "I felt it some ways like [Stacy's Bootcamp] was killing my soul."


[17:12] Knowing when to pivot: She wanted to explore other components of health than physical exercise and went back to school in 2014 for her doctorate in natural medicine.


[18:28] Transitioning into nutrition: Stacey's System came from part professional observation and part personal need.


[22:11] Starting a supplement company: "I would completely say it was scary as f*ck!"


[23:14] Shell-shocked: For 6 months, Stacy didn't know how to define herself. All she had was a belief in herself and a passion for the product.


[24:33] Leveraging connections: Her opportunities emerged from relationships established in her boot camp. "It was all very organic. I found the right people at the right time and they introduced me to the right people at the right time."


[28:54] Quantum university teaches explains “woo-woo” practices through a scientific lens.


[30:20] Opportunities in education: Going back to school helped establish brand credibility and trust. People are more willing to listen and buy in.


[32:21] Going to school to learn about quantum physics and starting a business —that sounds hellish. "It was! At certain points, I was like, 'what am I doing?!"


[33:07] At a meditation retreat, Stacy’s back completely released and never hurt again.


[35:30] Overcoming hurdles:  Hiring relatives and mental breakdowns.


[39:53] Leveraging expertise: Love Yourself Naked: The Science of Self Perception, Spirituality, and Weight Loss is Stacey’s book in the works.


[41:52] Underlying goal: "Get women to recognize they're pretty awesome people and go forward in life as the badass goddesses they are."


[44:13] Key entrepreneurial trait: we never stop learning.


[47:14] Stacy's #1 piece of advice you probably need to read: “Just go for it. If you waited until everything is in line, you'll probably never make it.”



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