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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Mar 13, 2018

As a UK native, Immy Tariq was determined to pursue his childhood aspirations of thriving in America. He’d get there, but not before enduring multiple health scares, multimillion dollar loss, and the obstacles of starting from scratch as a foreigner. Today, he’s a booming SEO expert being interviewed by CNN and CNBC.


What ultimately lead to Immy’s entrepreneurial success in the land of opportunity was his eye for opportunity. They’re everywhere. Can you spot ‘em?


In the 2nd episode of Experts Unleashed, join Joel as he interviews Immy Tariq who unpacks one jaw-dropping entrepreneurial journey you have to hear to believe.


Episode Topics

  • Gaining momentum with easy sales
  • Steps to earn customer trust and close big deals
  • Finding profitable business opportunities
  • What it’s like to be a Bob Proctor mentee
  • Monetizing your skills
  • How Immy positioned and sold his SEO services to business owners
  • What Immy learned (and didn’t learn) after spending $50K on courses
  • Scaling a new business to 5-figure months in 3 months
  • Taking risks to pursue your passion
  • Little known challenges US immigrant entrepreneurs face
  • How to become essential to high-end clients
  • Entrepreneurial crash and burn and the perseverance payoff


[3:06] Starting line: Immy lost both parents when he was 20. At 22, he left Harvard Medical school to pursue entrepreneurship.


[6:03] Seizing opportunity: At 12, he earned $12K in 10 months helping college students fix pirated music tracks (remember KaZaa?) and salvage data from their virus-infected computers.


[8:22] Through his tutoring business, he packaged an offer that guaranteed an A grade in 90 days and made £100/hr. ($138.54 USD).


[9:28] Financed a property flip with a $12K personal loan and made $100K in 90 days.


[12:27] "A lot of people don't realize that opportunity starts with family or friends."


[13:51] Funding the passion: Immy dreamt of moving to the US and attending Harvard Business school but needed $600K to do it. Out of pocket.


[17:05] Hail Mary’s: He invested in real estate with no experience and made millions in 18 months.


[17:49] Health scare: Dropped his business after developing an autoimmune disease. “I was so unhappy and depressed. They actually gave me a year to live.”


[18:35] Massive sacrifice: Lost $3M out of $5M to UK tax during his move to the US in 2015.


[22:52] Key takeaway"Sometimes it's about stepping outside the comfort zone and taking that one risk because that one risk can change your entire life."

[25:27] Pure grit: Couldn't use his good UK credit in the US. Without a visa, banks refused loans. Immy had no money-making opportunities or connections.


[27:39] Investing in a mentor: Hired Bob Proctor at $50K for 13 minutes a month.


[29:50] Investing in education: Per Bob's advice, Immy spent $50K on different courses that would teach him how to drive traffic to businesses. Including OMG Machine's SEO course ($8K).


[35:11] Lightbulb moment #1: He could help businesses get found on Google and began selling SEO services.


[37:32] Lightbulb moment #2: None of the courses or books mentioned the need to learn sales.


[38:00] Did it frustrate you how difficult it was to make money in America versus how much money you made in the UK? "It was really stressful. I ended up with the West Nile Virus after 5 months of being in the United States."


[39:00] "I had nothing to help me, unlike in the UK where I at least had connections. I had relationships I could rely on. I think that's one of the biggest advantages in life…Without any relationships, your backs against the wall."


[39:43] Innate talent: Immy gained momentum using his eye for the easiest sales.


[41:44] Immy on closing big deals:

  • Understand the importance of trust
  • Build a relationship first
  • Start with a small no-brainer offer
  • Over promise and overdeliver


[43:55] Scaling to 5-figure months: Using cold calls and email, he reached $10K within 3 months of landing his 1st gig.


[46:44] Experts Corner: Immy’s Entrepreneurial Success Tips

  • Know your audience - Study their language, demeanor, needs.
  • Become essential - The stronger you are as an asset, the better.
  • Build a solid network - You’ll never have to start from scratch.
  • Learn the skills – Invest in becoming the best.


[48:00] “When you study the ultra-successful, you realize most everybody crashed hard… Very rarely do you see somebody just launch and go to the moon right out the gate.”


[49:49] Perseverance:[Entrepreneurs] have a tendency to always get up regardless of how hard we get kicked down — and that's what's gonna define your success.”


[51:11] Immy on finding opportunities:

  1. Read The Obstacle is the Way
  2. Find a gap in the market and become essential.



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