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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

May 8, 2018

Maggie Berghoff epitomizes what it means to be an expert. She had an existing problem, solved it, healed, and developed a passion to help others do the same. Today you’ll find her working with high-end entrepreneurs and celebrity figures, helping them optimize their health for an optimal life. All because she knew how to leverage her experience.


In this episode, functional medicine expert Maggie Berghoff explains how her health struggles paved the way to working with 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs.


Episode Topics

  • Common health pitfalls of busy entrepreneurs
  • Flaws in the US healthcare system
  • How Maggie’s mentor protocol reversed her autoimmunity
  • What is functional medicine?
  • 6 environmental stressors that impact health
  • How Maggie attracted high-end clients
  • Intuition, self-awareness, and being your own advocate
  • Clicking with the right mentor
  • Environmental optimization for better health
  • How Maggie finds her best clients
  • Is coffee good or bad?
  • Experts corner: Maggie on hiring a health practitioner


[4:54] Starting line: When Maggie was 22, she was going to school to be a nurse practitioner when her 'body cracked.’ Multiple doctors were unable to diagnose her health ailments.


[7:57] Dr. Doom: A specialist diagnosed her with a rare kidney disease and told her nothing could be done. She was prescribed IV therapy 3x a week for the rest of her life…then scheduled to see him again in 6 months.


[8:35] Tipping point: "After that, I got in my car and bawled my eyes out and knew that I'm the only one that cares enough about me to go the extra mile and figure this out."


[11:02] Lightbulb moment: Her Aunt was seeing a functional medicine doctor at the time and Maggie discovered it was everything she wanted.


[11:39] Hiring a Mentor: She was trained as a functional medicine practitioner and hired a functional doctor to mentor her. He taught her unique practices that aligned with her beliefs.


[14:12] Business model development: Maggie started planning her future in functional med during her maternity leave in January 2017.


[15:17] Turning point: “I have an obligation to spread my words with people who are struggling and still going to traditional medical doctors for these things and decided enough is enough.”


[18:16] Healthy Transformation: Within 6 months of following her mentor's protocol, Maggie's symptoms disappeared. She also got pregnant after thinking it wasn't possible.

[21:17] "That's the true definition of an have to be the spitting image of what your clients want to become."

[23:28] First client: Paige was a 22-year-old woman who struggled with skin issues and bloating. They met in a sauna at a gym.

[24:56] Ideal client hunting: random situations, in-person relationships, and referrals. “Warm network will always be the best clients because they know, like, and already trust you.”


[25:34] Client satisfaction: Paige's skin and bloating issues went away within a week of working with Maggie.


[26:42] Sacrificing security: Maggie left her secure nursing job to pursue her passion full time. "Even though I see less people, I'm making way bigger of an impact than I did seeing 50 people every single day, giving them pills at the hospital."


[28:07] Shift to 8-figure clients: Through networking and mastermind events, she started attracting a mix of high-end entrepreneurs, socialite women, and successful executives.


[32:08] Coffee talk: Maggie shares her expertise and gives it to us straight…is coffee good or bad?


[34:09] Experts corner: Maggie on hiring a health practitioner

  • Mass programs may offer steps that don’t apply to your life
  • Hire a clinician you trust that does 1on 1 so you get the attention you need
  • Direct attention makes it easy for you to follow protocol
  • “They’re like a micromanager for your health.”


[38:46] A glimpse into Maggie’s Balance Protocol and what it's like to work with her.



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