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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Mar 22, 2018

They say niching has its perks. It’s more marketable and profitable. Although that may be true, entrepreneurs are full of ideas. And it’s through business they have most freedom to express themselves. No wonder picking one niche feels counterintuitive.


On the other side of niching, you’ll find Nic. Sure, they share the same first 3 letters but that’s where similarities end. Nic Peterson found a way to transform perpetual learning into success throughout multiple markets —just by staying two small steps ahead of his audience. Listen to Nic’s journey for all the empowerment you need to break the mold and pivot into profit.


Episode Topics

  • Why experts aren't good at making money
  • Getting people to do what's best for them without telling them it's best for them
  • Making a living from learning
  • Improving your BS meter
  • The art of influence
  • Why Nic doesn’t spend time learning to market
  • Why strategy is more important than tactics
  • How Nic’s Relentless program is changing lives
  • Trust building and charging peace-of-mind tax to the right demographic
  • Determining what to learn vs what not to learn
  • How Nic learned persuasion without the internet
  • Benefits of multi-disciplinary learning
  • Scaling from $20 to $120 an hour
  • Leveraging communication skills to profit


[4:59] Starting line: During his Freshman year in college, Nic had plans to play football.

He trained alongside NFL-bound athletes with Joe DeFranco in New Jersey.


[6:13] Realizing potential: His passion for football fizzled while his appreciation for the process of body building strengthened.


[10:18] Cut from the team: Nic was fired after staff noticed a drop in productivity —he’d been preoccupied trying to uncover what DeFranco knew that he didn’t.


[11:38] Right place, right time: He happened to be around when Joe DeFranco's Strong documentary was being filmed and grew a big following.


[17:01] Making connections: Offered half ownership of a gym and soon after opened his own.


[19:52] Innate talent: “I've partnered with Ph.D.'s, medical doctors...people that have a hard time meeting people where they're at. They recognize that it's an important skill and they don't have it.”


[21:39] Against all odds: Someone told him he'd ‘get eaten alive’ if he opened a gym in Vero Beach. So, he opened a gym in Vero Beach.


[22:33] “You need to learn how to communicate with people and influence them to do things or you’ll live your life in a gym bathroom with a train going by every 5 minutes.”


[23:00] Sleeping on his gym’s bathroom floor, Nic passed the time reading self-help books. “There was nothing to do but read and reflect.”


[26:38] Getting people to do what's best for them without telling them it's best for them.


[27:56] The Relentless program: Gives new perspective on what health and wellness really is.


[31:27] Raising prices and marketing: Initially, hourly sessions ranged from $15-$20. After watching other programs and industries and defining a value proposition, rates increased to $120/session.


34:02 Trust building: “People will pay for the peace of mind. If they got an answer from me or my staff, then they could take it to the bank.”


[36:27] The swelling tide raises all ships: “I know me trying to do something I'm not qualified to do doesn't help anybody. What is the best chance that everybody benefits?”


[38:23] Honing your craft: Master to the point of practical application and understand the fundamentals. “When you learn multiple disciplines, your BS meter is really sensitive!”


[39:02] Benefits of learning and mastering: “Things that don’t make sense become easier to detect.”


[42:01] Expert’s Corner: Determining what to learn and what not to learn

Ask yourself:

  • What do I need to know in life to improve my life?
  • How do I become more aware of where other people are?
  • How do I accept where people are instead of judging?
  • How can I help graduate them to where they can make better decisions for themselves?
  • What is nobody else doing?


[43:06] What Nic’s learning next: psychology

“It's a stress reliever. It's so much easier to accept that people are the way they are than get pissed off and judge them and moralize about it.”



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