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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Apr 3, 2018

This episode spotlights expert AJ Mihrzad, a personal trainer turned online supercoach whose journey will blow your mind. From lying dead in a hospital bed to Personal Trainer Hall of Fame inductee, AJ explains how he developed and leveraged his knack for inspiring action to build his now thriving business, Online Supercoach.


Prepare for maximum action-taking inspiration and discover why AJ is officially EU Hall of Fame material.


Episode Topics

  • Nothing grows in the comfort zone
  • Using tragedy to pivot
  • AJ’s paradigm shifting books
  • You are your own best case study
  • How AJ leveraged his excess weight to land his first client
  • How to be referral-worthy
  • Naturally attracting clients in a new market
  • The importance of serving at the highest level
  • The secret to never having to market your business
  • Leveraging the power of leverage and how to leverage it
  • Coping with burnout…twice
  • Doing away with hours for dollars
  • The undeniable benefits of hiring a coach
  • AJ’s biggest newbie business owner mistake
  • Why it’s crucial for experts to invest in themselves
  • The value of $25K masterminds
  • Value perception and how it impacts your market value
  • How AJ earned a spot in the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame


[3:06] Expert overview: Began as a personal trainer. Transitioned into online coaching helping PT's and coaches scale their online businesses. Inducted into PTHF last year.


[5:07] Fun fact: AJ performed a standup comedy routine to overcome his public speaking fear.


[7:03] Tragedy sparks an entrepreneurial fire: In 2007, doctors resuscitated AJ after pronouncing him dead. He then embarked on a major self-improvement journey that included changing career paths.


[9:10] Lightbulb moment #1: Implementing strategies from Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki changed his life.


[10:26] Making tough decisions: Insight from Brian Tracy's book Maximum Achievement inspired him to leave his secure teaching career and start his own business.


[12:04] Discovering expertise:  After dabbling in infomarketing, AJ found his true passion serving others in the fitness industry. He rented space in a gym and evolved a personal training business.


[14:31] First client: A gym member requested AJ train him after witnessing his 60 lb. weight loss.


[16:27] Realizing potential: "Working with [my first client] made me realize how much I love helping people and I had a skill of inspiring people into taking action."


[17:11] "One of the best ways I found to attract potential clients to whatever you're selling is to show them how you were."


[20:29] Getting clients results: He chronicles his client's entire journey by taking before/after photos, capturing wins, and creating case studies from them. 


[22:54] Hitting goals: After 6 weeks of getting clients and referrals, he hit his goal of $3K/month.


[24:49] "Make sure you deliver your service at the highest level. When you do that, you have nothing to worry about in terms of marketing."


[25:44] Burnout bout #1: His 1 on 1 training schedule maxed out. AJ never vacationed during his 10 years in business.


[27:45] Burnout bout #2: Made more per hour and worked less with group training sessions but exhaustion was still a factor.


[29:06] Lightbulb moment #2: "If I take my services online, I can leverage myself even further and develop more of an automated process so I don't have to trade hours for dollars."


[30:15] Investing in the dream: Hired an online fitness marketing coach for $5K (with a dash of apprehension). Week by week, AJ started gaining traction.


[33:28] Biggest rookie mistake: "I think that's one of the biggest mistakes I made when I started my business...I waited so long to hire a coach."


[35:21] Earning expertise People pay for results. Developing that instant solution takes time, practice, and honing of your own skill.


[35:47] Value perception: "As experts, if you want to be charging a good ticket for yourself, you better have invested in yourself so you can understand what value truly is."


[36:47] Self-investment payoff: You're a mirror of your actions. “If you’re coachable, invest in yourself, take action, and are a pleasure to work with, you'll attract those same people.”


[38:11] What do you think the single biggest thing was that allowed you to get inducted [to the HOF]?

Going all in and learning how to get people to take action. That can apply to any industry.


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Other mentioned resources:

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion - Robert Cialdini

Maximum Achievement - Brian Tracy

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki