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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Apr 10, 2018

By the time he was 11, Rohan Sheth had seen 22 countries and enjoyed an arsenal of maids and drivers at his fingertips. He built 8 different businesses by age 29 and currently runs a successful digital marketing agency. Not a bad setup. Although there may have been a few wildcards sandwiched in between...


In this episode, Rohan guides you through his maze of entrepreneurial growth and transition — from wealth to working class, Hamburger University to high-ticket hustling, from the chopping block to top salesman. And how to earn your industry crown using self-confidence, instinct, and an open mind.


Episode Topics

  • Transitioning from wealthy to working class
  • Dropshipping, pocket bikes, and a $175K payday
  • The importance of going with your gut
  • McDonald’s 6-figure careers
  • ‘I’ll figure it out’: The ultimate entrepreneurial superpower
  • The 3am Google search that drove Rohan to take action
  • Self-awareness, strengths and weaknesses, and delegating to scale
  • Scaling a digital marketing agency
  • These core skillsets are your best safety nets
  • Door to door sales and high-ticket in-home selling


[3:58] Tough transitions: At age 11, Rohan moved from India to Canada after his family's successful travel agency was acquired.


[5:11] Bit by the bug: To match his comfortable childhood lifestyle, at age 15 he discovered dropshipping and made $175K selling pocket bikes at school.


[10:00] Devoted and promoted: From age 14-20, he worked his way up to manager at McDonald's.


[12:12] Trusting instincts: He wanted to be a commercial airline pilot but dropped out 9 months into the training program after realizing it wasn’t for him.


[16:11] "If nothing works out I'll just stick through riding out McDonald's...they were gonna push me into corporate and I'd already finished a lot of their business courses [at Hamburger University]."


[17:07] Lightbulb moment: One night after a bartending gig, he Googled the top 3 things to make money. After "hooking" and "drug dealing” was "sales."


[17:58] Raw ambition: “Next day I woke up and applied to every single sales job available on Craigslist … and just waited for someone to call me back."


[18:33] Taking the leap: Rohan walked away from a 6-figure career at McDonald’s in light of a gut feeling. "[Entrepreneurs] have this weird innate ability to 'figure it out' and that's awesome."


[21:53] Chopping block to top seller: His first day at a new sales job, a co-worker drove him out to the boondocks of Vancouver where he discovered he’d be selling gas door-to-door.


[27:12] Transition to high-ticket in-home selling: "I think I just got fed up with selling stuff that didn't have a comma in the middle of it. I've always been that person who wants to challenge myself. What's the next best thing I can get better at?"


[33:37] Skillset safety nets: "At the end of the day the one thing I always say is, 'If you know how to write copy and market or you know how to sell, you'll never have a problem putting food on the table."


[36:46] Seizing opportunity: In 2013, he became a digital marketing consultant to fill an obvious gap. "First client I took on was $500, the next time it was $1,000, the next time was $2,500 and it's just kinda been going up since then."


[37:33] Smooth scaling: By the latter part of 2015, he had 15 clients ranging $1K/mo to $2.5K + 10% of ad spend.


[37:59] In 2015, Rohan connected with an old co-worker who happened to be 'a traffic buying king' and gave him 50% of the agency — the same thriving agency they run today.

[40:17] Is there anything you'd change about your journey? "I don't think I'd ever change anything because everything I did brought me one step closer to where I wanna be.”

[41:01] Embracing the journey"Everybody's journey is completely different and you just gotta take it and make the best of it. Some of the copy we can write from my stories is absolutely insane."


[41:39] Aspirations and goals: Currently, Rohan is busy coaching and speaking at events. He wants to sell the agency within the next 2 years and venture into the SaaS/app space with his business partner, Matt.


“I'm always gonna be in the digital world making a difference, helping entrepreneurs understand traffic, sales, and what it takes. “



Connect with Rohan

Insta: @Rohan_Sheth





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