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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Aug 13, 2019

Today we have Ian Garlic with us! Ian is one of the country's go-to experts in video marketing and storytelling.  He is the best selling author of three marketing books and has recorded 250 episodes of the Garlic Marketing Show. Created over 10 marketing courses and produce more than 2000 videos for his clients.

Ian founded his business on the idea that everyone has a story.

Today, we are talking all things video marketing, video production, and the different things that Ian is doing with his expertise.

"Video allows you to be there along the way helping someone with multiple stories. If you think of it that way... as a specific person you want to help as opposed to thinking of video as a commercial... it will transform your business." - Ian

In This Episode:

  • Opportunities with video storytelling;
  • "There isn't just one story you need to tell" -> what are they? 
  • Storytelling Framework;
  • Three parts to a great story;
  • Finding Value in your stories and your client's stories;
  • Finding motivation in your clients' successes;
  • Training and teaching Ian's expertise;
  • Pivot points and opportunities in Ian's journey;
  • And Much More...

Connect with Ian:

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