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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Mar 19, 2019

For decades we have been hearing: get outside the box!  But when we are just outside the box, we are still tethered to the box.  We already come with pre-ordained boxes and borders that we put around ourselves, it's called bias.  And although bias isn't a bad thing, but we don't know our biases because we are in a "fishbowl." - Mitch  

Mitch just celebrated his 40th year in business.  He has never had a "job" since the day he walked out of college.  He serves as a consultant and has spoken to over a million people.  Over the years, Mitch says he has learned way more than he has taught.

In this Episode:

  • "No box thinking"
  • Mitch's transitions through business, from cold calling to "taking a millionaire to lunch"
  • Three phrases that launched Mitch: What I do, Why I do it, Who am I looking for?
  • Mitch's journey through entrepreneurship;
  • Pivot points and ah-ha moments
  • "Unconsciously competent"
  • "Have it your way" model & Intellectual property
  • Business and life; role in alignment with soul

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