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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Mar 27, 2018

Getting into a new market isn't as difficult as you'd think. It's all about corresponding something in your past to solve a problem. Dr. Ashley Hampton began as a psychologist in the prison system until an injury changed her career trajectory. By keeping her mind as well as her eyes opened to opportunity, she was able to transmute her background into a six-figure solo practice in an unrelated field.


In this episode, learn how this former prison doc used her expertise to leverage and launch herself into one opportunity after another…after another. And how you can relate your previous experience and expertise and turn it into a thriving business.


Episode Topics

  • Keep your mind open to seeing opportunities
  • The #1 rule of experts
  • How Ashley landed her first disability evaluation
  • Taking risks despite opposition
  • Dealing with a job-ending injury
  • Working with an underserved population
  • Learning business during a long commute
  • How psychology translates to business
  • Connecting and leveraging experience and background
  • Making 6 figures after one year in business
  • Disability vs Child Protective Services psych evaluations
  • Identifying core skills and applying them elsewhere
  • What it’s like to work in 15 different counties
  • Running a successful business efficiently as a solopreneur
  • Pivoting from helping mostly men to helping women
  • A peek inside Ashley’s brand-new coaching business
  • How to unleash your expertise

[3:56] Starting line: Ashley has a bachelors in psychology and masters in family therapy that went unused before working as a school counselor. Went back to school and interned at a federal prison.


[6:38] #1 rule of experts: You have to really want to help people.


[7:15] Prison life: Worked in inpatient substance abuse at the prison. Ran groups, individual counseling, and taught social and communication skills. Turned in a 2-week notice and left.


[8:42] Finding a gap:  She opened up her own practice in Alabama and did psych evaluations. Within 3 months, her calendar was booked.

[9:30] Against all odds: "Apparently in psychology, you should go into a group practice. You can't do this by yourself. You should have all of these people working for you. I don't have anybody. It's just me."

[9:57] Realizing potential: From prison to psych evals — Ashley's core skill was putting puzzle pieces together and helping people improve their quality of life.


[13:19] "It's very shocking to me —the skills you learn in psychology actually translate to business very well."


[19:03] Ashley didn't like leaving disability applicants without recommendations. "I just did it because I felt like it needed to be done."


[20:43] Within one year, her private practice was making 6 figures but to her, 'it was a little weird' working with people who were struggling.


[21:20] Savvy business decisions: After relocating, no-show rates climbed to 45%. Child Protective Services evaluations offered a lower no-show rate and more money.


[23:54] The commute: By working almost exclusively with CPS in 15 different counties, she's doubled her income and works 35-hour weeks.


[26:54] Business 101: "I get to listen to podcasts like this and improve my business knowledge while I'm driving to these places."


[28:12] How did you land your first client? "While I hadn't done a specific disability evaluation, I actually had done these evaluations in different areas."


[29:19] Seeing opportunity: A friend mentioned waiting 6 months for a disability psych evaluation. She applied and got the job by connecting her experience in career development and clinical evaluations.


[35:12] Monetizing expertise: People asked how Ashley's business operated sans admin team. After sharing her secrets, they asked why she wasn't charging.


[38:24] Finding purpose: She wants to help women realize they can run a successful business efficiently without working more hours.


[39:40] Building a coaching business (properly): Website's almost done and paperwork is signed. Time to learn marketing!


[41:36] Unleashing your expertise:

Take a step back and reflect on 2 core questions…

  • What got you to where you're at today?
  • How can you help others?


[43:18] Driving force: “If I can teach people how to do this then I'm not just reaching the people I'm sitting across from. I'm teaching everybody they can reach by being more efficient."


[48:23] Entrepreneurial lesson: "You may go in thinking it's gonna look like ABC but you may get 3 different letters of the alphabet. It doesn't always have to be exactly what you envisioned for you to have the impact you wanna have."



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