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Experts Unleashed with Joel Erway

Feb 19, 2019

Meet Mark Pesce! He is the host of The Billion Seconds podcast, winner of best technical/scientific podcast in Australia in 2018. Columnist for The Register, winner of best tech columnist in Australia in 2018.

Mark is a futurist, inventor, writer, educator & podcaster. He has helped to bring you the Web - and has been in the forefront of 'new media' for thirty years.

In This Episode:

  • Where are we headed?
  • Artificial intelligence and computers;
  • "We are stronger together";
  • Using the best possible tools to better ourselves;
  • The rate of change and humans;
  • Augmented Reality;
  • Connecting tools and hidden data layers;
  • What makes a futurist?
  • What's coming up on The Next Billion Seconds...

How to Connect With Our Guest:

  • Check out Mark's podcast, The Next Billion Seconds here
  • Visit Mark's website

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